Apex Park

Apex Park provides a popular, accessible foothills experience minutes from downtown Golden.

Hikers and trail runners exert themselves along exposed steep grades or find cool respite on shaded trails. Birders follow the intermittent stream graced with cottonwoods into the Enchanted Forest. Mountain bikers can test their mettle and technique as they grind their way to the top of Lookout Mountain and descend.

Bikers, remember to slow down, communicate intent to pass from a safe distance and travel on odd-numbered dates in the designated direction. Sharing the trail is vital at Apex Park given its heavy use.

Getting There

West Access: 116 Lookout Mountain Road, Golden
Near the intersection of Colorow Road and South Lookout Mountain Road

East Access: 121 Heritage Road, Golden 
On the northeast corner of the Heritage Square Shopping Center parking lot. Enter from County Road 93/Heritage Road just before its merger with US Highway 40/West Colfax Avenue

Heritage Square has been very cooperative in allowing an access trail across its property. Please help preserve this spirit of cooperation by using the lower parking area for trail access, leaving the upper lot for shopping center patrons.