Devinci Troy 27.5

06 Oct

Devinci Troy

Sporting just five millimeters less travel than the 26-inch wheeled Dixon, the Troy is aimed at aggressive trail riders who want a slightly larger wheel. Like many trail bikes as of late, rider build and capability can really dictate what a bike is able to do. The Troy comes spec’d with either a 140- or 150mm fork.

The carbon and aluminum Troy frames, while similar in style to the Dixon, are actually completely new frames designed to maximize burly riding with the newer wheel size. The carbon model sports internal cable routing, a press-fi t BB92 bottom bracket, and sexy ISCG 05 tabs. Riders will be able to tune the geometry via angle adjusting chips to get the desired feel for local terrain.

Devinci employs its Split Pivot suspension design, allowing the suspension to work fluidly both under braking and while pedaling. The key to this platform is the concentric pivot that rotates directly in line with the rear axle with independent seatstays and chainstays.

Frames will start at $1,899 and $2,399 for aluminum and carbon, respectively, while complete aluminum bikes will start at $2,999. Carbon completes will start at $4,799 and go up to $6,599. At one point we remember someone at Devinci saying that carbon wasn’t a magical material and wondered when the jig would be up, but it seems that their traditionally lower carbon prices are creeping up with the rest of the industry. For those on a budget, aluminum may be the way to go.

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